How can I shrink my bunions naturally?


If you do have a bunion, make sure you read to the bottom you can see whether or not you can reduce the size of your bunion and even avoid surgery.

It is well proven that you can treat a bunion naturally, whether they ‘shrink’ in size depends on a couple of factors. Let’s dive into this and see if you can effectively shrink or reduce the size of your bunion.

Bunion is a broad term that describes a number of different conditions that affect the 1st MTPJ or the big toe joint. The factors that determine whether you can reduce the size of the bunion depend upon how much of your bunion is made up of bony growth vs how much is made up of a deviation of the big toe.

In many cases the bump that is associated with a bunion is made up of a deviation of the big toe that pokes out and then has a soft tissue swelling that adds to the ‘bump’ on the side of the toe. If this is the reason that you have a bump, then we can usually help significantly without you having to consider surgery. The great thing is that this is done via a gentle hand on technique that can straighten the bunion or big toe as well as addressing the underlying cause of the bunion in the first place. This process is called foot mobilisation.

Benefits of foot mobilisation

–          Gentle

–          Creates long term changes

–          Can keep doing the things you love

–          Don’t have to change footwear or activity

–          Straightens to big toe

–          Improves the function of the foot that caused the bunion in the first place

What if the bump is bone?

So, if the bump that makes up your bunion is bone then the only true way to remove that lump is via surgery. Surgery is usually only used in advanced cases of bunions due to the recovery associated with the various procedures.

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Your Bunion Assessment Includes:

Initial consultation

Biomechanical Examination

Gait Analysis

Foot Mobilisation Therapy Evaluation

Diagnosis and Explanation of the underlying cause of your Bunion

Your Personalised Treatment Plan

How we can help you avoid surgery for your bunion:

Help to diagnose the underlying cause in your bunion assessment

Treat the underlying cause of your bunion

Straighten your bunion

Keep you doing the things you love

What’s the process?

1.Book an assessment with our podiatrists

2.Allow us to assess your bunion and diagnose the underlying cause

3.Come up with a plan to treat your bunion

4.Carry out the plan together and help you avoid bunion surgery

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