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New Patient Bunion Assessment

Only $35* Usually $100

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New Patient

Only $35* Usually $100

*Claimable on your private health insurance

Avoid the need for painful surgery for your bunion.

Bunion Treatment Sydney

Manly Vale & Northern Beaches

Sydney Bunion Clinic has successfully treated thousands of bunions in Sydney, we help people avoid bunion surgery through conservative management that is gentle and offers a long term solution.

We provide treatment and care for communities throughout Sydney including Sydney CBD, Fairlight, Queenscliff, Brookvale, North Balgowlah, Chatswood, Drummoyne, Summer Hill, Beaconsfield and Manly from our clinic located in Manly Vale.

What is a bunion?

Bunions are a deviation of the big toe where the big toe joint shifts toward the middle of the foot. This can be accompanied by symptoms including pain and a bony growth that turns into a large lump.

Research shows that bunions are extremely prevalent in Australia, affecting ⅓ of the population. Over the age of 60, it’s suggested to be as high as 70%. When left untreated bunions can also be linked to other risks and complications.

Bunions are caused by a number of factors including a family history of bunions, footwear choices and the way you stand and walk, however misalignment of the foot is often the underlying cause.

How is a bunion treated?

You may have been told that bunion surgery is the only treatment option available however, there is an non surgical treatment for bunions . We have worked treating bunion without surgery for over 20 years.

Conservative management, such as foot mobilisation, is most effective when treatment of the bunion begins as early as possible, even if the sufferer feels no pain. As a result, often by the time a bunion starts to be painful, significant irreversible damage has already occurred.

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Our Bunion Treatments

  • Help to diagnose the underlying cause
  • Treat the underlying cause of your bunion
  • Offer non surgical treatment for your bunion
  • Provide long lasting results
bunion treatment sydney

Bunion Treatment

What’s the process?

  1. Book an assessment
  2. Allow us to assess your bunion and diagnose the underlying cause
  3. Come up with a plan to treat your bunion (non surgically)
  4. Carry out the plan together
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New Patient Bunion Assessment

Only $35* Usually $100

*Claimable on your private health insurance