Can bunions go away?

Can Bunions Go Away?

Do you want to avoid surgery for your bunion?

Do you want to avoid a bunion like your mother?

Are you worried that your bunion is going to get worse?

Make sure you read this blog and will take you through how you can help your bunion go away, avoid surgery and avoid feet like your mother. 

What happens if I don’t treat a bunion?

The difficulty with a bunion is that it can cause pain, it can affect you later in life, it can make you feel old and you can end up with feet just like your mother or your grandmother and in many cases, if you don’t treat it early enough, your only option is surgery. 

We understand that you may have concerns around bunion surgery and we have successfully treated and made a number of people’s bunions, as such, go away.

Types of bunions

Through conservative treatment we know that we can treat a bunion effectively so that we can help you avoid surgery and avoid your bunion getting worse and getting worse later in life. In terms of can a bunion go away it depends what type of bunion it is, so a bunion is a very broad term that describes a number of different conditions. There are two main types of bunions that we deal with all the time.

  1. Hallux abducto valgus – this is referring to where you get a deviation of your big toe that results in the big toe crossing over and starting to affect the other toes. We successfully treat HAV’S all the time. We know that we can get your bunion or hallux abducto valgus to correct and improve the alignment and so in that type of bunion we can make the bunion go away. 
  2. If you have a big bump on the side of your toe – the only way to make that bunion go away is through surgery because that bump is usually bone, you can’t get rid of the bone through conservative management. However, even if you do have a lump we can still straighten the toes, reduce pain, keep you walking pain free and help you needing surgery to straighten the big toe. 

Treating a bunion to avoid surgery

If you’re worried about your bunion and you want to try to get it to go away the key is to get onto it as soon as possible. The process for that is;

  1. Book a bunion assessment
  2. We will assess your bunion and diagnose the underlying cause 
  3. We will come up with a plan 
  4. We address the bunion long term and avoid long term issues and in most cases we can avoid surgery and minimise further progression of your bunion 

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