Can Bunions be reversed?

Can Bunions be reversed?

Are you worried that you have a bunion that can’t be reversed?

Do you want to avoid bunion surgery?

Are you worried that your bunion is just going to get worse left untreated?

Make sure that you read this blog because we are going to give you some great information on how you can treat your bunion and possibly reverse it without having to consider surgery!

What problems can bunions cause?

Bunions affect 1 in 3 Australians and are a very common issue. The difficulty is that they can result in pain, they can affect people later in life if they are not treated and you may be burdened with the trauma of surgery if you don’t treat a bunion effectively. 

The other difficulty is that a bunion makes you feel old, you may end up with feet like your mother because bunions for the most part are genetic and you may want to avoid that. 

We believe that your only option shouldn’t be surgery and we have successfully treated thousands of bunions and helped people avoid surgery. We understand your concerns around surgery or a bunion getting worse and why you might want to try to reverse your bunion and for the most part you can reverse a bunion depending on the stage it’s in. It’s only in advanced cases you cannot reverse a bunion, so we know that through conservative management approaches you can start to straighten a big toe which in effect starts to straighten a bunion.

How do I reverse a bunion?

The actual process itself is just a very gentle hands on technique combined with exercises that helps to straighten the bunion and correct the underlying cause. 

This process is called foot mobilisation therapy and we do it all the time and specialise in this area. In fact over 70% of our patients have a bunion or come to see us for their bunion.

When is it too late to reverse a bunion?

It’s only in advanced cases where you have had a significant level of osteoarthritic change or a bone change that we cannot reverse a bunion and this is more in the advanced stages.

Even if you are in the advanced stage we can still help you, but we just might not be able to completely reverse it. 

What is the process of treating a bunion?

So the process is if you want to correct your bunion or reverse your bunion is;

1. Book an assessment with Alternative Foot Solutions

2. We assess your bunion and diagnose the underlying cause 

3. We come up with a plan to treat your individual case

4. We address the bunion long term and avoid surgery

We have successfully treated thousands of bunions and helped people avoid surgery and minimise further progression of their bunion.

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What have you got to lose apart from reversing your bunion, improving function for the rest of your life, avoiding surgery, avoiding pain long term and wearing the shoes you love.    

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