Why am I suddenly getting bunions?

Why am I suddenly getting bunions?

Why am I suddenly getting bunions

We see quite a lot of people with bunions in our clinic on the daily. With over 60% of our patients coming in for management and treatment of their bunions, a question we get asked regularly is

“Why am I suddenly getting bunions?”

Bunions – deformities at the base of the big toe that can cause pain and disability – are common and can really slow a person down.

So, to answer this question, we need to investigate the underlying cause or the reason WHY you are developing the bunions. Majority of the time bunions are brought on due to the way your foot functions i.e., the way you walk, run and move around, which have major genetic influences. Your body then compensates for this by developing bunions due to the added pressure on your big toe joint.

Bunions not only start suddenly but also progress quite rapidly, and start to cause pain, degenerate to arthritis and the question of bunion surgery will start to arise – a treatment option most patients are keen to avoid.

Fear not though, because here at Sydney Bunion Clinic we treat all sorts of bunions and help patients avoid surgery pain free. 

Treatment is most effective when started as early as possible so if you have a bunion or can suddenly see an appearance of a bunion, you may want to book an appointment with us. At Sydney Bunion Clinic, we have been helping people live pain-free and active lives, for over 15 years. Right now, we are offering a $35 assessment for the people who mention this blog at their time of booking. (usual fee $100)

Contact our Manly Vale clinic on 8966 9300 or book an assessment online

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