How To treat a bunion on your big toe

How do you treat a bunion on your big toe?

Do you think you’re starting to get a bunion?

Does someone in your family have a bunion and you’re worried your only option will be surgery?

This blog will give you a great alternative to having to consider surgery for your bunion and the great news is that it’s painless and effective.

Methods of treating a bunion on the big toe

There are two main ways to treat a bunion on your big toe.

Bunion Surgery

The most commonly known treatment option is surgery. Surgery is definitely indicative if you have a very advanced bunion. However this only needs to be considered in advanced cases.

The difficulty with bunion surgery is that 

  1. It’s expensive 
  2. It’s painful
  3. It affects the function of your big toe which can have a negative effect on your balance and limit footwear

There are studies that suggest that up to 70% of people are not happy with the results of bunion surgery.

Foot Mobilisation

There is an alternative option to bunion surgery. At Sydney Bunion Clinic we successfully treat thousands of bunions every year through conservative management and its only in extreme cases that you may have to consider surgery. 

The way we can improve the alignment of your bunion is through foot mobilisation. 

Benefits of foot mobilisation are; 

  • Hands on technique 
  • Strengthens the muscles long term 
  • No orthotics needed 
  • Treats the underlying cause of the bunion long term 
  • No need to change footwear

The foot mobilisation process

1 Book an assessment 

2 We assess your bunion and the underlying causes and send off for relevant scans 

3. We come up with a plan together to effectively address the bunion long term 

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