How Can I Treat My Bunions Naturally?

How Can I Treat My Bunions Naturally?

Do you have a bunion and don’t know what to do? Do you think that surgery is the only option? Are you unable to wear the shoes that you love? Make sure you watch this video to find out how you can fix your bunions without surgery, without orthotics, and without spending a fortune. We’re even going to go through some great tips you can do yourself at home to fix the problem.


At Home Exercises for Bunion Treatment

Heel Raises

This exercise will strengthen the medial architect musculature which runs from the base of your heal all the way along the architect to attach to the big toe, which will improve your foot posture. This then begins to pull the big toe around. Here is a demonstration. When you raise your heel we are lifting up three-quarters and holding for three seconds. We do this ten times, once per day. This is a great exercise to do in the shower or while you clean your teeth.

Toe Crunches

We have a great exercise for people to try at home which will help strengthen the arches of people’s feet. This exercise is called a toe crunch. Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Roll your ankles out so that your weight is on the outside of your foot and your big toe is off the ground. Curl your toes like you’re making a fist with them. Hold for three seconds. Do ten times; each day.

Both of these exercises are good to do in the shower or while you’re cleaning your teeth.

I suggest you get stuck into these exercises straight away and start to address the underlying cause. Keep in mind that these exercises are only strengthening the muscles around the bunion. They aren’t loosening the connective tissues that will allow the joints to straighten long-term. That’s why it is essential that anyone that has a bunion or a family history of a bunion get assist even if the bunion isn’t painful.

In many cases we find people have tolerated their condition for so long that their joints physically degenerate, and then surgery does become the only option. So I would suggest that if you don’t see results after three weeks, you need a professional assessment to see if the damage has already begun. If you let this go on too long you are permitting physical damage and you will find you cannot exercise, and overall quality of life is affected. In fact, far more than just your feet. I cannot express the importance of this enough.

By utilising foot mobilisation therapy we can treat the underlying issues intrinsically without having to rely on a device such as an orthotic. The advantage of this is that women have options when it comes to footwear. Our patients can wear anything from ballet flats to heals. The great thing about this treatment is that we don’t have to limit activity or footwear. In fact, we are acutely aware that people come to see us so that they don’t have any limits placed on either.

We find that most people are unaware that there is a conservative management approach to actually help a bunion. In many cases there is no need to even consider surgery, which is obviously both expensive and painful. Plus, there is usually many months of recovery required. Contact our Manly Vale clinic on 8966 9300 or book an assessment online

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