Can A Bunion Be On Any Toe?


We see quite a lot of people with bunions in our clinic on the daily. With over 60% of our patients coming in for management and treatment of their bunions. A common question asked at our clinic is can bunions be on any toe? Can you treat them?

To start, bunions are deformities at the base of the big toe that can cause pain and disability — are common and can progress over time. Bunions may also appear on the 5th digit or your pinkie toe, which is called a Taylors bunion. The other digits may also develop deformities similar to bunions which resemble hammer or clawed toes which may cause pain or discomfort and may also limit the footwear you may wear due to the deformities.

Bunions and the lesser digit deformities are generally cause by an underlying cause further back in your foot which will cause your body to compensate by forming bunions and hammer toes.

Bunions can also be caused by shoes that are too small and can be assisted by stretching your shoes. Daniel offers some tips in the video below.


Here at Sydney Bunion Clinic we treat all sorts of bunions and foot deformities to help patients to achieve their goals and fit into more types of shoes pain free. Our bunion treatment involves is a course of foot mobilisation, a gentle hand on technique that corrects the bunions and the underlying cause of the bunions with some simple exercises to stop your bunion and foot deformities without the need for painful bunion surgery.

If you have a bunion or worried about a deformity of any other toe you may want to book an appointment with us. At Sydney Bunion Clinic, we have been helping people live pain-free and active lives, for over 15 years. Right now, we are offering a $35 assessment for the people who mention this blog at their time of booking. (usual fee $100)

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