Bunion Correctors & Splints – Do they Really Work?

Bunion Correctors & Splints – Do They Really Work?

Are Bunion Correctors The Solution?

Over 60 per cent of our patients see us for management and treatment of their bunions, and many of them ask us if bunion splints and correctors really work.

There is always a new tool or splint claiming to correct your bunion in a few days, or to straighten the toe in days — pain free. It’s no surprise that we get asked this question remarkably often as these products are heavily advertised online, together with a lot of misleading information.

Most people who develop a bunion reach first for over-the-counter remedies, such as these splints, to control the pain that accompanies the deformity. After all, who wants bunion surgery if they don’t absolutely need it? We understand completely. We see several post-surgery bunions daily. In fact, one study suggests that 30 per cent of people who have bunion surgery are unhappy with their results.[1]

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So, the answer to the burning question is — no! We have not seen any long-term research articles proving that bunion splints or bunion correctors work, and, despite coming across many such splints in over 15 years of experience in Australia, we are yet to see one that works effectively.

The splints may appear to work while you have them on and may even feel good, but your toe does not stay that way after you remove them. The bunion is caused by something happening further back in your foot, which is why a bunion splint will NOT ‘cure’ or ‘fix’ your bunion.



What Causes Bunions?

The underlying cause can usually be determined and investigated during an initial consultation here at Sydney Bunion Clinic. We look at why the bunion is occurring in the first place and establish how to stop its progression. The cause of bunions is related to the way you stand and walk, which is influenced by genetic factors.

How We Treat Bunions

If suitable, we will prescribe a course of gentle Foot Mobilisations that will target the underlying cause of your bunions to ensure long-term management. These will be accompanied by some exercises that will help strengthen the muscles responsible for straightening the toe. We also have our very own toe separators that will aid in bringing the toes across as they are straightened.

So, if you want to straighten your toe or avoid surgery by treating the underlying cause of your bunion, take advantage of our free assessment offer to anyone with a bunion. (You must mention this blog at the time of the booking.)

To book an assessment, call us on (02) 9907 0144 for Manly.

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