Non-Surgical Bunion Treatment near Harbord

Alternative Foot Solutions offer gentle, hands on treatment for bunions without the need for surgery or orthotics to patients in Harbord and surrounding areas.

Benefits of Non-Surgical Treatment for Bunions

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  • Gentle hands on technique
  • Addresses underlying cause
  • Very effective in improving the alignment of bunions without surgery
  • Very little too no risk compared to surgery
  • Can remain active during treatment
  • No footwear restrictions
  • Strengthens muscles in foot which help to correct the bunion long term
  • Long term change

How our non-surgical treatment can fix your bunions

Foot Mobilisation Therapy

In our many years of experience at Alternative Foot Solutions, foot mobilisation is the most effective way to treat a bunion while also fixing the underlying issues that are causing it. Foot mobilisation is a hands-on approach that is all about straightening the big toe through gentle and steady realignment therapy, which helps strengthen the big toe, the joint, and the muscles in and around that area of the foot.

Home Treatment & Exercises for Bunions

Once a foot mobilisation exercise routine is established, we’ll teach the patient some additional podiatry exercises they can do at home or in their spare time. The exercises target some of the larger muscles of the foot which, when strengthened, help to support the affected toe and surrounding tissues. This allows the area to heal and realign naturally. And so the foot realigns long term.

Home exercises are conveniently designed so that they can be completed in five minutes, and often while doing other activities (like showering, sitting, or watching TV). However, exercises aren’t the only way we educate and empower our patients to reverse the effects toe joint misalignment. In addition to the home exercises, there are also a number of ways to ensure that the condition doesn’t worsen after the official treatment concludes, or return years later.

Orthopedic Surgery

In some very advanced cases (particularly in you have a large bony lump), surgery needs to be considered as a bunion treatment option. However, we generally find that surgery is avoidable and we won’t recommend a surgical approach until we are 100% sure that the issue cannot be resolved with foot mobilisation and physical therapy.

Surgery should be the absolute last resort. Recent research has shown that surgical outcomes can be poor, with over 30 % of bunion surgeries considered unsuccessful by the patients. That’s because most surgical interventions don’t address some of the reasons why the bunion is occuring in the first place. When bunion surgery is performed on an adolescent whose yet to reach skeletal maturity, there is a strong chance the bunion will return.

In fact, research that shows just how effective conservative management is throught foot mobilisation.

2009 JEDYNAK T, Treating Hallux Abducto Valgus (Bunions) Conservatively Through Foot Mobilisation Techniques and Exercise Therapy Podiatry Now Oct p12-­?15.

How to Prevent Bunions

The future prevention of bunions is another key advantage of foot mobilisation therapies. Once the misalignment within the foot is addressed and the foot is strengthened, the biomechanics of your foot is changed long term as a result you are far less prone to getting a bunion or progression of a bunion. Your walking and running pattern do change long term which has a positive effect long term.

Foot Mobilisation Therapy (FMT) vs Orthotics

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  • FMT is corrective where as an orthotic cannot improve the alignment of a big toe
  • FMT changes the alignment of your foot without being reliant on an external device
  • FMT strengthens the muscles that correct the alignment of a bunion
  • Studies show that the benefits of an orthotics on a bunion is minimal
  • FMT does not limit footwear like an orthotic device that needs lace up shoes in most cases

New Patient Bunion Assessment

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