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Treatment of Bunions without Surgery

Alternative Foot Solutions have successfully treated thousands of bunions conservatively for over 16 years in Clovelly West and surrounds. They do this through a gentle hands on technique that corrects the alignment of the joints of your feet and then strengthens the muscles to support those changes. This corrects the underlying cause without having to resort to surgery or orthotics, is painless yet effective. You don’t have to change you activity during this process and you can still do the things you love.

About Bunions

A Bunions are a deviation of the big toe, where the big toe joint shifts toward the middle of the foot. This can be accompanied with a bony growth that turnsĀ into a large lump. The term bunion is a very broad term that can refer to a number of conditions. The technical term is Hallux Abducto Valgus or HAV.

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Non-Surgical Bunion Treatment

Most people dont realise that theres a proven conservative management approach that can be used in the effective treatment of a bunion. This approach is a gentle hands on technique that corrects the alignment of the joints back into a better position and we then use strengthening exercises to reinforce that corrected position. Surgery only needs to be considered in very advanced bunions.

bunion treatment Clovelly West

100% Money Back Guarantee

We are confident that you will be more than satisfied with your treatment. In fact, we promise a full refund and we will cover the cost of your next session if you are unhappy with our service.

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